Meet Greg Gerber

I am a native of Wisconsin who spends summers near Madison and avoids the snow by wintering in the Dallas area. I have a degree in public relations from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

I started my writing career while serving in the U.S. Air Force from 1983 to 1987. I have since worked for several small-town weekly newspapers before venturing into magazine editing and finally as the owner of a website and online daily newsletter covering the recreation vehicle industry. I left that behind in June 2017 to embark upon a new career as a public speaker, coach and author of faith-based books.

I am a DODO — Dad of Daughters Only — who grew up with my mom, sister, three step-sisters, four female cousins and 13 girls in the neighborhood. I have three daughters and four granddaughters. The streak was broken in June 2017 when my grandson was born. Needless to say, I speak fluent female, but struggle in the wife dialect.

I became a Christian in 1995 after struggling with pornography since I was just a few days into my 12th year. That struggle continued for another 15 years until I finally had a breakthrough that helped me build faith strong enough to walk away. The battle wasn’t easy and for many years I experienced more failure than success. Before I could trust God enough to give up that security blanket, he had to take me into areas where I had been deeply wounded as a child, teen and young adult.

That’s why I wrote my first book Pornocide: Why Lust is Killing Your Faith, Stealing Your Joy and Destroying Your Life. It is a fictional account of a man caught in the sin of pornography, but through a series of divine appointments, he develops addiction-crushing, mountain-moving faith to overcome the problem.

I have a passion for helping men break free from the bondage of pornography and for helping men become better fathers. Fatherless and fathered-less children are a worldwide epidemic. Contrary to popular opinion, children don’t just “get over” not having an active father in their lives. More often than not, fatherless children grow up with low self-esteem, no confidence, very angry, aimless and hurting from a gaping father wound. Hurting people, hurt people — and the cycle continues when fatherless children become parents themselves.

When I am not writing or speaking, I enjoy traveling and I have spent a week in every state, except Hawaii, at least once since 2000. For three years, I lived and worked in a motorhome full-time as I traveled the country interviewing RV dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, campground owners and RV owners. I’m a big fan of Raising Cane’s chicken fingers, In-N-Out Burger Double-Doubles, and Chipotle burrito bowls. I enjoy camping and hiking and hope to take up fishing someday soon.

What I write about

As a writer, I tackle critical issues impacting the church today, such as the failure of various “ministries” to actually minister to the pressing needs of church members, whether it is men’s ministry, children’s ministry or small group development.

As a speaker, I address what it takes to develop faith to move mountains, overcome addictions, become a better father and a stronger steward of the talents God bestows on each of us.