Facts & Trends: Four boundaries every ministry leader should have

Not only does this apply to ministry leaders, whether pastors or small group leaders, but to everyone who is a follower of Christ.

From Facts & Trends:

Having sat with one too many leaders who can now only wish they’d been more strict with themselves, I can tell you if we want to stay in ministry for the long haul, we’ll get over being so liberal with ourselves and instead, do what it takes to not fall into sin.

I can tell you after looking into a lot of hurt people’s eyes: Our permissibility issues aren’t worth it.

Jesus wants us to have enough integrity to say, my freedom lets me do it, but my heart tells me it’s not for my best and set a boundary from there.

Boundaries are the greatest gift we give ourselves in ministry.

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Greg Gerber

Splitting his time between Texas and Wisconsin, Greg Gerber is a DODO - Dad of Daughters Only - who has traveled to every state except Hawaii. An experienced journalist who covered the recreation vehicle industry for years, he released his latest book in October 2018 titled Pornocide: Why Lust is Killing Your Faith, Stealing Your Joy and Destroying Your Life. I don't allow comments to my stories because I don't want to mediate flame wars. But, you can email your comments to greg@greggerber.com.