Jewish worshipers targeted in deadly shooting in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, Pa. — In a rampage described as among the deadliest against the Jewish community in the United States, the assailant stormed into the Tree of Life Congregation, where worshipers had gathered in separate rooms to celebrate their faith, and shot indiscriminately into the crowd, shattering what had otherwise been a peaceful morning, the New York Times reported.

The assailant shouted anti-Semitic slurs as he opened fire inside the crowded synagogue Saturday morning, killing at least 11 congregants, and wounding four police officers and two others, authorities said.

Calling it the “most horrific crime scene” he had seen in 22 years with the FBI, Robert Jones, special agent in charge in Pittsburgh, said the synagogue was in the midst of a “peaceful service” when congregants were gunned down and “brutally murdered by a gunman targeting them simply because of their faith.”

The full story can be found at the New York Times.


Greg Gerber

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