Servants of Grace: The importance of preaching sound doctrine

From Servants of Grace:

From big name preachers suggesting we “unhitch” ourselves from the Old Testament; to sermon series’ on mere “behavior modifications” from self-help books; to entire services being absent of the Bible, but full of entertainment, the church today is in dire need of a strong dose of good ole’ fashion sound doctrine. In short, doctrine matters.

Nothing else will satisfy the deepest needs of the human heart. Nothing else will quench the spiritual thirst of believers who have been transformed by the Gospel, and nothing is more true to the mandate of Christ’s commission in Matthew 28:16-20.

Jesus didn’t suggest that some of what He taught be passed along in whatever modernized way His disciples saw fit. Nor did He give the nod to whatever methods get people in the door. He said that “making disciples” included “teaching them to observe all that He commanded.” — Matthew 28:20

When the Apostle Paul was providing ministry instructions to his young protégé in the faith—Timothy—he hammered home imperative after imperative concerning the importance of sound doctrine.

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