Gospel Relevance: Spiritual growth comes at a price

I have grown more spiritually over these past few years than any other time in my life.

While it’s been hard and at times I’ve wanted to quit, it’s been a huge aid to my sanctification.

Spiritual growth is costly. In order to gain more of Christ, you have to give up other things. There’s always a tradeoff. You have to take action. You have to make changes and sacrifices. Nobody who goes to the gym once every six weeks gets stronger. It’s a regular commitment, but the payoff is huge.

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Greg Gerber

Splitting his time between Texas and Wisconsin, Greg Gerber is a DODO - Dad of Daughters Only - who has traveled to every state except Hawaii. An experienced journalist who covered the recreation vehicle industry for years, he released his latest book in October 2018 titled Pornocide: Why Lust is Killing Your Faith, Stealing Your Joy and Destroying Your Life. I don't allow comments to my stories because I don't want to mediate flame wars. But, you can email your comments to greg@greggerber.com.