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10-year-old girl brings color to lives of sick children

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From Scholastic Kids Press:

She’s called the “Crayon Girl,” although the “Crayola Kid” may be even better.

Ella Tyron is a 10-year-old from Chardon, Ohio, who formed a non-profit organization, called Help Me Color A Rainbow, to give sick children access to crayons when they are hospitalized.

In a story written by Nolan Pastore for Scholastic Kids Press, he reported that Ella was admitted to Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland for digestive issues in 2016. She was bored during her stay and wanted to color a picture.

Ella’s mother was told there weren’t enough crayons for all the children in the hospital to have their own pack. Because of germs, used crayons were not passed from one patient to another.

After Ella recovered, she made it her mission to ensure that other children had the option to color a rainbow, if they wished. She’s already donated more than 49,000 boxes of crayons to children’s hospitals.

“We got the community involved by setting up crayon drop-off locations at fire departments, my karate school, and my church,” Ella said.

Even at 10 years of age, Ella Tyron is an #ImpactChristian capable of making a genuine impact on her community.

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