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Churches show how they are stepping up to help during COVID-19 panic

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From Christianity Today:

On March 23, Ed Stetzer, the executive director of the Billy Graham Center tweeted, “What is your church doing to reach out to the local community, the poor, and the marginalized during this time, while maintaining social distancing?”

Responses have been encouraging and creative. Here are a few examples of the efforts of Impact Christians:

A church in Minnesota has volunteers coming in two-hour shifts of six people each to pack food boxes and deliver them to the elderly and immune-compromised in their area.

A church in rural Maine provides meals for the women’s shelter, donations to the men’s shelter, diapers to the pregnancy care center, meals to doors, and provide a space for law enforcement to eat their meals.

Members of a church in Dallas are putting signs in their yards that say: “Self-Isolating? I can help! Contact me”: With the member’s name and number on the sign. This way people in their neighborhood can call them directly for help.

More details and other examples can be found at

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