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12-year-old girl donates birthday money to homeless man

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Mikayla Gounard was enjoying a snack break with her grandmother in San Rafael, Calif., when grandma left her wallet behind. She didn’t realize the wallet with all her cash, credit cards and medical cards was missing until she returned home.

Anyone who has ever lost a wallet knows what a hassle it is to cancel accounts and reissue new cards. Evelyn Topper, the grandmother, was understandably upset.

The next day, a homeless man who found the wallet behind a nearby dumpster, minus the cash, figured out how to contact the grandmother and took steps to reunite her with the wallet.

In an interview with NBC, the man, Sean Curry, explained he “[had] a heart” and “that’s the way I was brought up.”

According to the Good News Network, Mikayla had already planned a socially distant “drive-by” party for her upcoming 12th birthday. Rather than presents, she’d decided to ask for contributions to be donated to charity in her name. Then she selected Curry as the beneficiary of her generosity.

Mikayla placed a photo of Curry and a collection basket next to balloons and party favors on an outdoor table in her driveway. By the end of her “happy birthday” processional, she’d raised several hundred dollars which she gave to the homeless man, the Good News Network reported.

This story proves that even children can take steps to impact the lives of others.

A video of the gift presentation and the full story can be found at the Good News Network.

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