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Challies: Why would Christians fear death?

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Author and Pastor Tim Challies posed an intriguing question on his blog Sunday when he asked, “What does the faithful heart believe about the experience of death?

It’s a great question, and one that has left me puzzled regarding the fearful reactions to death by people who purport to be followers of Christ. Personally, I don’t want to spend one nanosecond longer on this sinful, corrupt, lustful, greedy planet than I absolutely must.

Challies surmises that it is the uncertainty of what happens to our soul—what makes a person who he or she truly is—that lays at the root of the fear of death.

But, in quoting a pastor from the late 1700s, James Meikle, Challies seeks to subside those fears by looking at the many benefits of death for people who believe in Christ.

“Sin, conveyed to us in our conception, is so interwoven with the human frame, that the tie must be dissolved between the soul and body, before a full and final separation can take place between the soul and sin. Who then, would fear the furnace, which is only to consume the dross, that the gold may come forth without alloy?

“To lay down frail flesh, feeble nature, all my lusts and passions, all my occasions and temptations to sin, all my infirmities and imperfections—and to be clothed with perfect beauty and eternal glory—should rather transport than perplex me.

“Lord, take away the sting of death, and at your appointed time, through faith, I shall fly into death’s arms, not dismayed at his cold embrace—but burning with a heavenly desire to be forever with the Lord—which is far better than all the happiness of crowns and thrones below!”

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