Proud to be a DODO

This is something I have wanted to do for YEARS and promised my daughters that I would launch it someday. The day has finally arrived! My next big project will be the development of a community, or tribe, for dads of daughters.

Giving birth to a giant

That’s what prompted me to write this book—to rescue kids before they venture down the slippery slope of lust and pornography, and to help adults escape a prison of their own making. I’ve discovered there is nothing normal about pornography except that it will always, without fail, lead to spiritual darkness and hopelessness.

Should Christians see The Shack?

The bottom line is that if unchurched people wanted to read the Bible, they would. But, most won’t just pick up the book for the heck of it, and they certainly aren’t going to understand it without the Holy Spirit living in them. So, how do you attract their attention in a way that presents a loving God who is about redemption and forgiveness — and the effect of sin on the lives of people — in a way unchurched people will find appealing enough to desire that kind of relationship, and do it in 132 minutes?