I am a DODO. I am proud to be a DODO and take my responsibility as a DODO very seriously. In fact, I have been a DODO so long that I can spot other DODOs almost instantly. How? Because it looks like they’ve pulled the hair out of their heads one clump at a time.

By DODO I am referring to Dads of Daughters Only.  I was blessed with three daughters: Kristin, Elizabeth and Rebecca. My entire life prepared me for that awesome and important responsibility.

When I was growing up, my parents divorced when I was 8 years old. Consequently, I lived with my mother and my sister. When my father remarried, I inherited a step-mother and three step-sisters. Every family holiday involved hanging out with four female cousins. The neighborhood in which I grew up in Madison, Wis., was home to 13 girls around my age. The closest boys in age were either three years older or six years younger.

Greg Gerber with his three daughters, from left: Kristin, Elizabeth and Rebecca.

I married and had three daughters. Today, I have four granddaughters. I speak fluent female, although I struggle in the wife dialect. *

As a DODO, I’m addicted to drama. If you have daughters, you have drama. That’s why being a journalist has been the ideal occupation for me because journalists do nothing except research and write about drama in the lives of others.

In December 2017, I launched DODO Dads, an online community for fathers raising daughters. This group will feature unique online content written by dads for dads. The website will feature news from the trenches about real DODOs who are making a difference in their daughters’ lives. I’m developing some fun bumper stickers and posters as well.

I’ll even be publishing a weekly newsletter, the DODO Digest, to brighten the days of beleaguered fathers.

Finally, I’m planning a series of books and online courses to train men for the varied challenges they face from the day they welcome a screaming girl into the world, through the slamming of many doors as a teenager, and through that dreaded father-daughter dance on her wedding day.

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* The string of girls was broken June 30, 2017, when Greg welcomed his first grandson, Chase.

Greg Gerber is a DODO — Dad of Daughters Only — who has three grown daughters and four granddaughters. As a result, he frequently writes and talks about the joys and challenges fathers have raising girls.