A Christian church-sponsored program to match
experienced fathers with truly fatherless children

What is a Buppa?

A Buppa is not a brother, not a father or even an uncle. A Buppa is a friend for a child growing up without a father.

A Buppa is an experienced father who has successfully raised children of his own and is familiar with how kids think and act. He invests his time with boys and girls who are growing up without dads.

Many men who have successfully raised children of their own enter a period in their lives between when their youngest child leaves the nest and the first grandchild arrives. No longer facing day-to-day parenting responsibilities, these men often experience feelings they are no longer needed.

They have been wonderful, impactful fathers with their own children and will, undoubtedly, continue to make a difference in their lives as loving and caring grandfathers. Until then, their hearts have capacity to serve other children, and they often have time and resources available to invest in the lives of others.

For that reason, the Buppas program matches these experienced fathers with children in the church who don’t have a father in their lives.

A Buppa utilizes all the love languages to interact with in ways appropriate to a typical father/child relationship:

Quality time – Buppas engage in activities requiring interaction, discussion or working on projects together. They are fully present when with their children.

Words of encouragement – Buppas offer spoken and written messages to deliver life lessons, words of wisdom, and build the child’s self-esteem. Buppas are encouraged to be honest in talking about mistakes they made and lessons they learned the hard way.

Acts of service – Buppas show their children how much they care by attending school performances, award presentations, concerts, teacher conferences and events designed for fathers and sons, or fathers and daughters.

Gifts – Buppas remember birthdays, holidays and other special occasions as well as reward children for achieving milestones and meeting goals. Buppas, like fathers, are discouraged from buying something for a child every time they get together.

Physical touch – With the child’s permission, Buppas are encouraged to hug children, carry them, put their arms around them, tickle them, massage their shoulders, scratch their backs and extend other types of appropriate touch.

View a working document concerning the development of the Buppas program.