As a writer, I love to tell stories.  People love listening to stories and often remember them far longer than lectures.

Everyone has a an incredible story to tell about the epic journey called life. That includes the the experiences that defined them and the events or people who molded them into who they are today.

Studies show that 85 percent of people wish they could write¬† a book. But, for many of them, writing is a chore. They’d rather sit in a dentist’s chair than write something for publication. Perhaps we can work together.

As a ghostwriter, I do all the work, and you get all the glory.

So, what is a “ghostwriter?” No, it’s not someone who writes scary novels and spooky stories. A ghostwriter is someone paid to prepare a message that is “authored” by someone else. It’s a fancy description for a freelance writer, except that even though I am technically the writer, I don’t get credit for the final result. You do.

Perhaps you have an idea about a better way to do something. We sign a non-disclosure agreement that allows you to share the gist of that idea with me, while preventing me from using it to my advantage. I’ll flush out the details and prepare it for publication. You get to edit and tweak the manuscript, but as far as anyone else knows, the book or article would be “written” by you! You get full credit for the publication.

Here are some ways that I can help people by serving as their ghostwriter:

Life stories — an excellent legacy gift for people to leave for their children and grandchildren. You grew up in humble beginnings, endured a lot of trials, but rather than allowing them to keep you down, you overcame those challenges. Your descendants want to know how you did it.

Business success — You started the firm from nothing, built it through sweat, tears, trial and error into a successful venture. Now tell the world how you did it.

Training material — You’ve developed a way to do something, whether it is overcoming a personal challenge, or creating a new product or service. I can help develop trade articles, books and video training scripts (you read what I write) to turn that idea into a profit-making endeavor.

All it takes is an idea. Let’s work together to transform that idea into reality.

The first step is to sit down for a complimentary one-hour discussion of your project, dream and vision for the book. If we agree to collaborate on your book, I’ll either prepare a blueprint or framework for project including an outline of sample chapters and themes for each one.

One you approve the framework, we’ll meet again either in person or online to do a series of interviews to help me learn more about you and your project. I may also review speeches you’ve made, PowerPoint presentations, videos you produced, and blog posts as well as articles you’ve written for trade publications and academic journals. I can even interview people who have collaborated with in the past.

I’ll begin writing the book while providing you weekly updates on my progress. When the book is completed, I’ll send you a finished manuscript and encourage you to review it for accuracy and tone. I’m happy to make any changes you feel are necessary.

Once the manuscript has been approved, you can either submit it to a publisher yourself, or we can work together to create a cover design, produce illustrations, complete the interior design and make it available either for traditional publishing (bookstores and Amazon) as an ebook (Kindle or Nook) or as a audiobook (Audible).

Are you ready to begin, or do you have some questions? Start the conversation today by emailing me at

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